Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Willow on the Wind

Seeds fell from the willow like snow
White gathered in banks around the garden bed
The children ran catching the delicate cotton
In outstretched hands

Gathering wishes
From the willow fairies
And tossing them back into the air
To be lifted up on the breeze as an offering

Magic came alive today
In downy feathers floating on the air

Carrying willow babies
And our hopes
Far and wide

Friday, March 05, 2010

It is all in the mixing

Today we spent time with new friends
Measuring flower oil and sugar
the perfect ingredients for a friendship
in the chaos of children and life
there was a simple connection
that left me thankful
for the moment and the food,
and even for all of the distraction
simple blessings
often offer great hope!

The Offering

The Calla Lilies came
Almost out of nowhere
Shining white
Against deep green

Their cupped hands
Held water from last nights rain

They offered it as a sacrament
To the earth and sky in unison

With a golden spoon
To stir sacred water

This quiet gesture
Will nourish any soul
That might take a moment
To drink in the sweetness
Of the offering


Gods Breath

Blew across the trees

Spinning leaves

And cracking branches

I thought I heard my name

Spoken on the wind

It lifted the gull

And sent it rocketing

Out across the ocean

I stood witness

To its resolve

As it tossed blue waves

And turned water into

Sparkling droplets of light

I was afraid to turn my eyes away

Even for a moment

Afraid I would loose the sense

That God was here

Dancing on waves

And calling

For no particular reason at all

Calling out my name

On the wind