Monday, July 26, 2010

Waiting at the Edge

She stood waiting at the edge
Then leapt into the arms of nothing
Trusting the fabric strapped to her back
To spread open
And sail her gently to the ground

He stood at the edge
Knowing something was about to happened
Still locked into an idea
That would not let him go
He teetered and fell grasping at thin strings
To break his fall
He is still falling
There is no ground for him
As of yet

I have stood on the edge
Many times toes curled ready to jump
Then slowly edged myself away from the abyss
Trying out smaller ones where I was sure I could not fail
Where the fall would cause only minor bruises and scrapes
Where I did not have to trust myself to fate and equipment

They stand on the edge for a cause
Jumping, diving, trusting
Then flying
Arms open,
Knowing that the moment of faith would lift them
In unexpected ways
On the wings of unseen angels

Someday maybe
I will unleash myself from all of these questions
Be able to dive in
Living on faith
Like water

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Chase the Crow

As the sand pressed between my toes
I relaxed into its warmth beneath my feet
I watched our dog centered in the joy of the chase
The crow flew before him almost taunting
He ran up the beach and back
Ears flying
Tongue flapping
He seemed to say
This is what it is about
Silly human
Chase the crow
Chase the crow and feel the wind blow your ears
It doesn’t matter if you catch it
What matters is that you experience
A moment of freedom
And live